This is full day sea safari our company will serve their clients to this wonderful safari blue trip which include mainly, snorkeling and swimming around natural coral reef. Barbeque lunch with fresh sea food along with tropical fruits is including. After the lunch the clients will discover the oldest and biggest Baobab. Tree in the Islands and just continue their leisure time sunbathing or swimming. The traditional wooden boats will sail them back to complete the fun filled day.

The Menai bay conservation areas in the south of Zanzibar is an area of outstanding natural beauty just waiting for you to discover cruise across stunning turquoise water abroad a traditional dhow. Explore a pristine coral reef teeming with tropical sea life. Relax on a beautiful sandbank, naturally carved by the sea, wind and waves. Admire the beauty and grace of humpback and bottlenose dolphins. Taste the flavors of Zanzibar from grilled fish and slipper lobster to tropical fruits and more swim. In magical lagoon with mangroves overhead and crystal-clear water below. Book it with us to get a special rate. Our driver will pick you up at the apartment at 8am and take you back around 6:30pm take with you reef shoes/sandals and any things you may need for a long beach day.

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